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The Beauty of Premium WordPress Themes

What’s the difference between a humdrum website and an extraordinary website? The answer is choosing a good one. Aside from serving as virtual eye candy, a dynamic theme promotes a great user experience that encourages visitors to stay on a website longer and engage more thoroughly. Longer visits and increased engagement can lead to greater brand awareness and increased revenue for you. We’re bringing together beauty and function like never before by offering vibrant themes that go beyond what standard templates can do.

The great thing is that you don’t have to have any coding skills to enjoy the elegance and professionalism of a sophisticated website when you go the route of choosing a premium template. You can use our website to demo and download themes that have the features and capabilities you need to give your brand or business the edge in a crowded and competitive online landscape. Premium themes are a world apart from the free themes that are out there. In fact, opting for a free theme over a premium one may result in untold hours of work and expended energy just to create a website that is navigable and compatible with search engines. We offer themes that feature elegant designs and customizable features because we know that your company’s first impression on the world happens in the blink of an eye.

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News and Magazine Wordpress Themes

Part of WordPress's popularity as a user-friendly content management system for websites and blogs has to do with the huge number of attractive themes and templates available. With them, website developers of all knowledge levels can create a professional-looking site quickly and easily. One of the more popular varieties is the news and magazine WordPress theme. Instead of a bland and out-dated page with sidebar look, these templates offer a wide variety of layout options optimized for current usage habits. Similar to the print versions, news and magazine websites focus on eye-catching content displayed neatly. Graphics, text and video should be balanced. Color schemes and typography should be attractive and balanced across the site pages. Most WordPress themes in the news and magazine category feature multiple blocks or columns across the front page, each with a different article, blog post or media piece included.

Wordpress powers some of the world’s most popular news and magazine sites, including the New York Times, Forbes, People Magazine, and National Geographic. There are many themes that support posting columns and articles as well as pages that show many articles together. They can be customized for magazines dedicated to breaking news, tech, politics, sports, and more. Individual article templates will support embedded and captioned photos or photo-based articles. Tag articles with topics that can be aggregated into sections within the site’s menus. You can customize with your own fonts and layouts. Wordpress also supports user engagement through comment sections. Include discussions within each post, on specific topics, or disable them altogether. Many of these themes are also responsive, so your content will be easy to read and browse on laptops, phones, and tablets.

How to Choose the right Magazine Theme?
With all the options available, selecting the best news/magazine WordPress themes can be a daunting task. The ones assembled here are ideal for any application, but still represent options to the website owner.

First, identify the purpose of your website and how it will be used. Will you be posting many small articles of mostly text or will videos be the main media inclusion on the site? Is your content graphic heavy or do you want template color blocks and icons to add sparkle to the black and white text?

Think of a website like a glossy magazine or newspaper layout. Columns, blocks of text and photographs fill the space in an intelligently arranged manner. What do you want your website to look like? A staid and sensible news site or a more flamboyant fashion mag?

Style considerations aside, modern news and magazine WordPress themes need to meet several important criteria. They need responsive layouts that work on cell phones, tablets and other mobile devices. They need clean code that loads quickly even with many graphics or videos included. They need to be highly customizable to reduce the need to redesign completely if your site focus changes. Social media integration, search engine optimization and translation capabilities are also important.

The best news/magazine WordPress themes provide everything print layout experts do - professional design, a reader-friendly look and eye-catching accents - but for a modern sensibility of internet users who want immediate access to the information and entertainment that powers their world.

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personal blog

Personal Blog Wordpress Themes

You may have a few readers or a few thousand, but no matter what, Wordpress can help you create a blog that is fun, reflective of your personality, and that lets you include all the features you want. Because all that matters is what you personally like, you have a lot of freedom to choose interesting and dynamic themes for personal blogs. Look for some that have special effects like floating text or that appeal to your personal design aesthetic. You can customize all of them to include your preferred color scheme and graphics. Once you start creating content, many themes will have support for including photos, videos, and even special content like formatted printable recipes or how-to guides. Widgets will allow you to engage with readers if you like and to keep an organized archive of your posts.

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Ecommerce Wordpress Themes

The web has opened up ecommerce to anyone, and designing an ecommerce site does not have to be a lot of work nor require technical expertise. Ecommerce Wordpress themes will help you build a beautiful site to showcase your products, present details, and allow customers to actually buy. Most templates include separate template pages for categories and multi-product views, individual product pages, and separate pages to highlight content like lookbooks or industry-specific information. The themes integrate with popular e-commerce plugins so you can have a shopping cart and checkout features. Most themes are SEO optimized so your products will appear higher in online search results. They are also responsive, allowing customers to shop with ease form their desktops, tablets, and phones. Even if you have a brick-and-mortar store, an ecommerce site can help enhance your relationships with your offline customers.

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portfolio themes

Portfolio Wordpress Themes

A portfolio theme is a perfect way to showcase your artwork, photography, collections, products, and more. Wordpress is an ideal platform for displaying this on the web because it supports many sophisticated themes designed around sharing. With features like photo sliders, galleries, and immersive slideshows with captions, portfolio wordpress themes let visitors to your site deeply engage with your content. Portfolios can be critical to business deals and in resumes, so selecting the right theme will help you make a site that is as professional and as high-quality as your content is. You will be able to create categories for your images and add them to interactive features without needing a lot of technical expertise. Standard pages can appear alongside the more interactive elements. Responsive themes will let your galleries be easy to view on any platform – desktop or mobile.

Portfolio websites showcase the best work that a creative professional has to offer. Using the popular WordPress content management system, the site owner gains a lot of customization and ease-of-use for including his or her graphic, video or textual work examples. Choosing the best portfolio WordPress themes for the structure of the website guarantees an accessible and attractive layout, intuitive usability and a touch of creative oomph to accentuate the owner's creative skill.

While many professional WordPress themes can include a gallery of photos, graphics or videos and pages can be made to include any content, a portfolio theme focuses on providing a backdrop that is specific to a creative person's needs. Anyone who navigates to the page should be able to quickly see what the owner has to offer.

How does a portfolio WordPress theme do this effectively?
The best themes begin with clean code, easy search engine optimization capabilities, social media integration and a visitor-friendly look. The site should also be responsive for proper viewing on all mobile devices including smartphones. The website developer or site owner will appreciate and intuitive backend or admin section so they can easily add pictures or videos and make small changes to their site in order to keep it updated.

All of the best professional themes may give professional site designers and developers a springboard from which to work their magic, but also allow site owners with no code or design knowledge to maintain and update their own pages. The vast array of options include multiple types of galleries, header options, sidebars layout, color and typography, animated icons and text blocks and multilingual support. These options allow site owners to create a unique backdrop for their best work and attract more customer or clients without hiring a professional to assist. Wh

at makes a portfolio theme different is the focus on graphics above text. While the best have the option to add words wherever necessary, many of them have a home page consisting of nothing more than a gallery. These can be neatly arranged in squares, could consists of slideshows with moving graphics or may be arranged in a neat-fit grid style reminiscent of Pinterest. The old adage "a picture is worth 1000 words" is indicative of the main goal behind WordPress portfolio themes.

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Responsive Wordpress Themes

A responsive theme is ideal when your website or blog is likely to be viewed by people on a variety of devices. These themes automatically adjust the position and format of menus, content, and other items. The font size the wrapping of the text also changes so it is a readable size regardless of how big the device’s screen is. This ensures your site will appear correctly and in an easy-to-read format on desktop computers, mobile phones, and tablets. These themes tend to use a grid system that is flexible and adapts to the window size. They will also adapt based on the orientation of the user’s device. Responsive websites are quickly becoming the standard as more people access the web frequently from mobile devices, and these themes let you create a responsive website with no extra effort.

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Minimalist Wordpress Themes

Clean and classic, minimalist wordpress themes keep the focus of the site on your content. When so many pages on the web are cluttered, a minimalist site can be refreshing for viewers. There are many minimalist wordpress themes that will help you create a beautiful and simple site. The themes tend to use images either as their main focus or not at all. Text-based minimalist themes will have a simple title, perhaps a sub title, and your content will follow. Image-based minimalist themes will focus on one image that often fills the window. Just because these themes are minimalist does not mean you lose out on features. You can customize these themes as much as you like, adding your own color themes, graphics, and tweaking the layout. Widgets will let you add in sophisticated functionality.

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One Page Wordpress Themes

A one page theme is a design that shows all the content of your site on a single home page. This page structure has become more popular as it is professional and easy for users who can access everything they need at once. They are also good for mobile devices because they minimize the delays that people may experience when they need to load multiple pages over slow cellular data connections. Responsive one-page themes will make sure your single page site is as easy to navigate on mobile devices, like tablets and cell phones, as it is on desktop and laptop computers. Themes will provide templates that make it easy for you to create page sections, customize the layout, add your own graphics, and to drag and drop content. And, of course, you can customize the colors, fonts, and design.

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photography themes

Photography Wordpress Themes

Thanks to the ubiquity of high-quality cameras in cell phones, photography has become accessible to most people as they move through everyday life. It has also boosted interest in professional photography as more people think about photos and interact with them online. Whether you are a professional seeking to highlight your wedding, corporate, or artistic photos or you are a casual snapper who just wants to organize your pics, photography Wordpress themes will let you build a professional, interactive site that you can infinitely customize. Many of these themes include browsable galleries, lightbox features, and templates for viewing many photos at once. You can choose to enable sharing and commenting if you want to interact with viewers. The themes tend to be responsive so people can browse your photos equally well on desktop or mobile devices.

For photographers looking to build a sleek professional website, WordPress is one of the most versatile solutions available today. Its flexibility, power and popularity makes it the platform of choice for many professional photographers. Whether you’re in need of a simple portfolio website or advanced features like client accounts and online print ordering, WordPress offers a vast repository of themes that can be customized as much or as little as you need.

A variety of themes are designed specifically for creative professionals to showcase their work, providing a crisp, gorgeous interface that allows your images to take center stage. If you aren’t very tech-savvy and just need a basic website, many of these themes can be used out-of-the-box for a ready-made professional look. If you’re looking to build something more powerful, you can easily customize your theme to fit your vision and needs.

One of the major benefits of WordPress is that as your business grows, your website can grow along with it. As your portfolio evolves, it’s easy to add or change parts of your website or give it a complete overhaul. This can be as simple as choosing a new theme or tweaking the one you already have.

How can you be sure that the theme you’ve chosen can give you what you need? Most photographers aren’t web developers or designers--yet if their online portfolio isn’t both easy to use and visually appealing, clients are less likely to take their work seriously. Photographers need themes carefully designed to display their work in an arrangement that’s both eye-catching and functional, allowing photographers to focus on what they do best.

Our favorite themes for photographers were chosen for their versatility, responsiveness and aesthetic appeal. These Wordpress themes give a polished air to your photography portfolio and website, and are great choices to help make your website both beautiful and easy to use from any device. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or brand-new to the field, these Wordpress themes will make your photography the center of attention and allow you to customize your site exactly how you need.

With approximately 10,000 themes available and more being developed every day, there’s never any shortage of amazing themes to choose from. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer number of possibilities, but for the photographer in need of getting a website up quickly, a select few photography themes rise to the top. Here are the top WordPress photography themes designed to showcase your work, attract clients and give you a professional edge. From minimalist designs to interactive image-centric environments, there’s a theme for every photographer’s personality and taste.

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Business Wordpress Themes

A website that appears trustworthy, clean, and well-designed is critical for any company with an online presence. It is not just a marketing tool; it is an important way to keep even offline customers connected with your business. A company without a website, or with a site that looks outdated or unprofessional, can appear sketchy when customers try to find out more about you online. Wordpress business themes will help you create a professional, engaging, and memorable website for your company. Simple drag and drop formatting will let you customize the appearance of your site, and responsive themes will make sure your site looks great on desktops, laptops, smart phones, and tablets. You can also incorporate widgets that let customers send feedback, get support, find your contact information, and even shop your products. Best Business Wordpress Themes Well-built websites are a necessity for businesses in today's technologically focused world. Competition is fierce; an online homepage that's both aesthetically pleasing and interactive can have a positive impact when it comes to attracting customers. Websites help your company gain visibility, and they also provide the essential facts about your business to the world. When you create a website properly, you're connecting your company to thousands of online consumers.

The effort that you put into building a website shines to consumers who are looking for a business that cares. You need a website that adequately reflects the quality of work that you do. That's where Wordpress comes in. Wordpress offers a plethora of sleek, customized website designs that can appeal to new and old clients alike. This content management system has themes that are entirely devoted to giving companies a website design geared towards getting increased traffic.

Wordpress is a multi-use business tool. It's utilized by more than 20 percent of the top 10 million websites, which certainly says a lot about its effectiveness. Along with discovering the right theme for your website, you can also find many other content management tools that this service offers: SEO-friendly structure, content categories, thousands of plugins and much more.

Some businesses find it daunting to browse the thousands of quality premium Wordpress themes. Finding the perfect theme can be difficult when there are so many types to look through. For this reason, we painstakingly looked through numerous websites that were offering a huge number of Wordpress themes, and we came up with a collection of the best business themes out there today.

You don't have to waste precious time looking through countless theme options, especially when that time could be spent working on your business. For your convenience, we've listed the best Wordpress business themes below this text. This list is only a few pages long and includes themes that pack an aesthetic punch or templates that have made an impact with their superior design. Whether you need a white design with simple secondary page links or a one-of-a-kind theme with unique pictures on the main page, you can find the style that works for your company.

The best business Wordpress themes are always found here. You can view demos to see what the themes look like in real-time before downloading them. After you've selected the template that you want, the downloading process is simple. Each theme can be customized to fit your company's specifications.

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Real Estate Wordpress Themes

For sales listings, vacation homes, or apartment rentals, it is important to have a professional looking site with lots of photos and well-organized details so potential customers can do their research online. Wordpress Real Estate templates are designed to make your pages look good without requiring a lot of work or technical effort from you. These themes will help you label properties with a variety of data points that users can search and filter on. Photos are critical, and through the themes or with widgets, you can easily add galleries of photos with captions and easy to navigate interfaces. A responsive template will let customers view your listings in a nice format on desktop and mobile devices. Many themes are also SEO (search engine optimization) friendly so your listings will appear high in search engine rankings.

With millions of potential home buyers searching for real estate online every year, Realtor, agent and property management companies need an attractive and professional website to showcase the available homes. The convenient and user-friendly WordPress content management system provides these characteristics when paired with one of the best real estate themes around. Themes should be chosen not only for how well they showcase photos of the properties, but also the ease of use that allows real estate companies to update listings regularly without calling in a programmer or designer.

What options do real estate industry themes need?
The home buying process begins with the eyes. Large photos of different properties, slideshows and galleries of both exterior and interior shots allow potential buyers to experience the aesthetics and condition of different properties before delving into specifics. A WordPress theme for real estate should welcome people in with stand-out header graphics or property sliders above the fold. The agency or company logo should also figure prominently in the header design.

The momentous decision to buy a house hinges on more than looks, however. Whatever WordPress theme is used for the real estate site, it needs to be easily configured to include all pertinent information about a property: square footage, rooms, materials, appliances and fixtures, school district and cost. Flexible themes with drag and drop page builders and widget or element support allow for easy inclusion and customization.

Important WordPress theme functions specific to real estate market sites.

While large photo galleries and informative widgets increase usability for any industry, real estate themes have some specific requirements. A robust search engine helps potential buyers find properties that suit their needs and budget. Each property should be labeled with tags and categories to facilitate search.

Real estate WordPress themes should also include full Google maps plugins so buyers know exactly where the homes are located and can research the surrounding neighborhood more effectively. These widgets must be contained in a responsive layout so people can plot their course between properties as they drive to different open houses.

Since property listings change frequently, the best real estate WordPress themes offer on-the-go customization with a simple back end interface. The combination of high-quality photographs arranged in various styles of slideshow or gallery and organized content elements informing potential buyers, work in concert to attract the most attention and get the most real estate sales.

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Restaurant Wordpress Themes

Diners are very likely to check out your restaurant online before they visit, whether they research it in depth before making a reservation or visit on their phone on the street before they walk in. Having a professional, appetizing site is critical to show potential customers that you are a respectable establishment and to entice them into a visit. Regulars can check in on specials or special hours. Restaurant Wordpress themes will support you easily creating a site for your restaurant with features designed for common sections. These include menu pages, photo galleries of your dishes, and reservation and hours pages. Widgets will let you incorporate online reviews and to connect to third party reservation sites. A responsive theme will ensure your customers have a good experience whether they are on their computer, phone, or tablet.

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Build anything with the incredible easy to use Live Page Builder and large element library.

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Set colors, font sizes, stylings and tons of other options to create a unique mobile "burger" menu.

Easy 1-click updates

Auto theme updates without installation of additional plugins.

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Highly customizable, handcrafted and readymade templates to help you launch your website in just a few minutes!

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Images served will be appropriate to the user's screen size, which means faster loading and less bandwidth.

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Experience a level of quality in both design & customization options never before seen.

A Final Word about WordPress

Whether you are making a personal, organization, or e-commerce site, Wordpress offers an easy, flexible platform to design and maintain your site. Over 25% of the web is powered by Wordpress at this point, from the New York times and Forbes to individuals’ personal blogs with just a few readers. The platform is powerful, and you can adapt and make it yours as much as you want, sticking with a simple template or creating a strong, professional, interactive site on top of it. Wordpress themes are site designs created by web and graphic designers that you can easily drop in around your content. The ability to easily customize your site by adding a theme or changing it with a few clicks is why Wordpress remains one of the most popular publishing platforms on the web.

Wordpress comes with a handful of common themes, but these may make your site look very similar to others on the web. Choosing the right custom theme will differentiate your site, help establish a visual brand, and add features that can help your site be successful. Many themes focus on specific industries of types of functionality, so you can find one built around image sharing, essay writing and blogging, e-commerce, and many other options.

Wordpress Themes give you the power to control how your site looks even within the confines of the theme design. Themes allow you to include your own graphics, like logos, banner images, and other visual cues, and choose custom color themes so you can personalize within each theme’s structure. You can add in widgets to perform analytics and add features like special menus, links to archives, search engines, and tag clouds.

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The Internet can be a scary place if you run a website but don't have coding skills. Disasters and bumps in the road seem to be lurking at every turn. You can breathe a sigh of relief because most premium themes come with lifetime support and automatic technical updates. This can be crucial if having your website go down or lose its functionality simply isn’t an option. What’s more, these updates can help your website upload faster and stay relevant in the Internet’s ever-changing landscape.


Why would you want your website to look like every other website on the block? A premium template allows you to pepper in features that work specifically for your clients and users. Free WordPress themes typically come with limited options that are bland and uninspired. While the initial excitement of launching a website quickly may have you feeling confident, you will soon discover that a generic website may hinder your brand’s reputation and result in frustrated customers in the long run.


A premium WordPress theme allows you to invest in your brand without actually investing much at all. The cost to purchase a theme is usually less than a typical monthly cable bill. This cost is negligible in the long run when you consider all of the features and perks you are getting.

Chances are, you've got something to say; whether it's a story that changed your life, venting about your break-up or just spreading your knowledge about a niche topic, we all have something we want to write about. However, making a website is difficult, as you need knowledge of HTML or another programming language to even get started; all you want to do is sit down and write, letting someone else handle the technical parts for you. Enter WordPress, the site that makes it so easy to blog you'll wonder why everyone isn't doing it.

WordPress is free, requiring only an email account to get started. What you get with your WordPress account is your own personal section of the site, three gigabytes of storage and access to a variety of designs, called themes, that you can use to make your blog stand out. There are a variety of features available for paid subscribers as well, such as the ability to remove advertisements from your blog, more storage or the ability to upload videos on to your blog. However, for many people the free contents are more than adequate to get started. When it comes to writing your blog, simply write it in the section provided and post it; it's as easy as writing an email.

Now that you've gotten your blog started and perhaps even added a post to it, it's time to get started with making it stand out. A theme, also called a template, is a free download on the WordPress website and allows you to change the look of your blog completely. For example, a blog about gardening might want to use the Spring Loaded WordPress theme, while a blog focusing on magazine style articles would opt for the Linen WordPress theme. There are over 100 themes for WordPress available on the main site, and you able to change your WordPress theme at any time you wish. If none of those themes for WP catch your eye, you are able to buy more themes on the website.

However, the main site isn't the only place to get themes; many websites offer custom themes for WordPress, many times for free. These themes for WP are compatible with any blog and, many times, you'll find an excellent theme that would suit your blog perfectly. While the main WP website offers many themes for WP to download, consider looking at other websites offering themes and templates to really make your blog stand out.

As you've probably realized, writing the actual text is only half of what makes a blog great; the right theme can make it memorable and stand out, so look at all your available options and choose the right theme for you!

Premium Wordpress Themes

WordPress continues to be the number one website design template platform on the market today. However, with all of the free third-party content, you may wonder why you would even want to deal with premium WordPress themes for your site, especially if you are a small business that is on a budget. Before you decide to completely limit your options, take a look at what premium WordPress themes can offer you.

Your first impression may be your last impression.
Your website is your first impression – it is not a good one, your potential customer will likely never return. With literally thousands of new businesses continuing to saturate the online environment every day, there is simply too much noise to lose a customer once you have brought them in with an ad, a PPC campaign or your search engine optimization. Having a premium WordPress theme assures that you will always come across as professional as your advertisements make you out to be.

Support from theme developers is a priceless feature.
Assuming that you invest in a premium WordPress theme from a developer with a good reputation, you will never have to worry about keeping up with the various changes in online trends. There is always some new technology coming out that is making websites more convenient, faster and more relevant. However, you may not be a technophile. Why not partner with a developer who is?

Premium themes, for the most part, come with a lifetime of support that may include automatic updates. Most of these updates are technical and will make no physical difference to the website. However, small code changes may improve site speed and organization, both incredibly important aspects of search engine optimization. On top of this, visual changes may occur that will allow you to implement more technology in a streamlined way over time.

Premium WordPress themes tend to look better.
When things are free, you definitely get what you pay for. Free WordPress themes may be equated to a budget house that needs $50,000 of repairs before it will be ready for move-in. If you have the ability to code, and you have the time to do this, then a free WordPress theme may be the best way for you to go. If you have other things to attend to in your business and you do not feel like learning how to become a coder, then it is usually best to purchase a "house" [read: WordPress theme] that is move-in ready.

You will have more customization that will be easier to implement.
Free WordPress themes usually come with a limited number of options that usually are not all that attractive. You have much more control over premium WordPress themes. This may not seem to be relevant for you in the beginning as you rush to excitedly get your website up for your first new customers. However, over time, you will certainly find that the time that you save on a premium WordPress theme in customization will definitely add up.

Premium WordPress themes are actually not all that expensive.
If you are a small business on a budget, you definitely need to make investments that will bring about a good ROI. Premium WordPress themes just so happen to be one of these investments. As the average WordPress theme only costs anywhere from $20-$69, the feature set that you gain for that small amount of expenditure is usually worth it to you.

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